Science 101: Yearbooks

As a memory of each year's Science 101 class we put together a yearbook. The yearbook describes the program – its purpose, academic requirements, the lecture and field trip schedule, and features the students. Each student has their own page with pictures taken throughout the program – on field trips, in labs and in lecture. Students prepare a contribution describing their most memorable experience with the program, how their experience with Science 101 influenced their understanding of the world, and how the program has helped them in their future pursuits. A description of each student's final project is also included.
Click on the links below to view the yearbooks for each year (yearbooks were not compiled prior to 2010).

2019 Yearbook

2015 Yearbook

2014 Yearbook

2013 Yearbook

2012 Yearbook

2011 Yearbook

2010 Yearbook