Science 101: Volunteer Testimonials

Alex Dotto, Volunteer 2012-2014

"Whenever I’m asked about Science 101, I half-jokingly mention that I joined the program as a volunteer for selfish reasons. It seemed like an opportunity to further my interests in science education for the benefit of a group of students who largely have never had a university experience. I was expecting to play the role of teacher and tutor. The reality was that I ended up taking far more away from the program than I could ever hope to give back. Working with students from the DTES has been eye-opening. Volunteering with the program has changed the way I think about how we experience science, how we teach and learn about science and how I view the world around me. I also greatly appreciated the chance to attend talks by some of the best lecturers at UBC and learn more about science myself. Without a doubt, Science 101 has been as integral to my experience at UBC as sitting in lecture or writing lab reports. I am fiercely proud of the students I have worked with and humbled by their tireless dedication and enthusiasm."

Kathleen Pogorzelec, Volunteer 2012

“I became involved with Science 101 because I wanted to make a difference in our community and to share my enthusiasm for science with others. This was my first time being involved with Science 101 and it was an eye opening experience. I was moved by the personal stories the students shared with me and I was amazed by their dedication and commitment to the program. I also found the student’s willingness to learn about science just for the sake of learning very inspiring! I really enjoyed attending the lectures and I learned a lot about several science subjects that aren’t in my field of study. I would highly recommend volunteering with Science 101 and I look forward to participating in it next year!”

Elena Zaikova, Volunteer 2010 to 2012

I am very proud and grateful to have been involved in Science 101 since 2010 and look forward continue participating in the program. Learning should be accessible to all, and curiosity about science should be encouraged and nurtured. Science 101 students are the key to making the program a success. The obvious and infectious interest and enthusiasm the students show for the many different scientific areas covered during the course are impressive and inspiring. The astute comments and generously shared stories make me think, laugh and serve to remind me that science is fun!