Science 101: Student Testimonials

Class of 2012

"Science 101 has helped me to establish study habits, it has bolstered my confidence and self esteem and has invigorated a desire to continuously educate myself. I have recommended Science 101 to other people. I have not encountered anything that offered so much and asked so little in return. The efforts of the coordinators, lecturers, and volunteers have created a program that can not fail to have a positive effect on anyone who participates in it".

Lorraine, Student
"I liked looking at various bugs, plants, and seeds under the microscope. I want to continue taking Biology in the fall. I realized I liked being in a lab. Science 101 is so amazing. I learned to think outside the box. I never thought the galaxy would be so huge. It's beyond the scope of my imagination".

Christine, Student
"I have learned that no one is ever too old to learn".

Wilson, Student
"I found the learning process uplifting in spirit. I would recommend Science 101 to everyone that I know because this program has the potential to changes lives!"

Class of 2011

Susan, Student
Science 101 was educational, empowering, and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I appreciated the field trips, extracurricular activities, helpful volunteers, connected staff, amazing professors, and the support and respect of all. I applied for and received the 2011 Science 101 Barry Beyerstein and Daniel Tremblay Memorial Bursary to take MATH 001, a pre-calculus course at UBC Continuing Studies. It was challenging but I successfully completed it. Now I'm starting the Seniors Program in Continuing Studies at Simon Fraser University. My first course is Human Rights. I'll be studying to complete a Liberal Arts Certificate. I am able to embark on this learning path as a result of my positive learning experience in Science 101 and Humanities 101. Thank you!

Megan, Student
Being on Grouse Mountain in mid summer surrounded by clouds and snow was a very memorable portion of my Science 101 experience! The fish lecture was so incredible [and was] made even better with the trip to the aquarium where the professor showed us the creatures we learned about alive and up close!"

Jaymie Matthews' Astrophysics lectures were amazing! He was able to make complex concepts understandable and he answered a question I've had since I was young: If the universe is actually expanding, into what is it expanding? I studied Science in university ten years ago and this class has revived my scientific understanding. By having lectures on such a variety of topics led by experts who excel at translating their world into everyday language I feel so much more confident returning to school. The love of learning is contagious – I've definitely caught the bug".

To her classmates Megan says, "Keep learning and keep teaching. You've proven that we all have something valuable to share".

Class of 2010

Science 101 provided one of the most intellectually enjoyable experiences I've had. My best advice to anyone considering registering for this program, and who has any degree of interest in exploring any of the hot research areas, or any of the ethical and spiritual issues surrounding current science, is run, don't walk, to sign up. It may turn out to be one of the most entertaining and mind expanding intellectual trips you will ever experience.

The Science 101 program involves a whirlwind schedule of classes, workshops and field trips, resulting in a summer containing more excitement and fun than a trip on the big rollercoaster at Playland. Not only did I get to hang out and enjoy the summer on campus at one of the great universities of the world, but I had the opportunity to listen to acknowledged leaders in their fields as they clearly and simply described the cutting-edge issues, tools and techniques, and findings in their fields of expertise. The subject matter presented ranged from the philosophy of science through mathematics, physics, chemistry and on into the life sciences. The many workshops and fieldtrips that were offered provided fun ways to explore and consolidate what I was learning in class.

At the end of the Science 101 program, UBC provided a royal send-off to program participants and their guests, complete with a formal graduation ceremony that included speeches, graduation photos, and a sumptuous smorgasbord. In addition, UBC offered participants in the Science 101 program the opportunity to apply for a bursary, at the post-secondary institution of their choice, which would cover all educational expenses for any course. I applied for, and was granted, a bursary to take a course at UBC. Even though I had been out of school for more than a decade, I successfully passed the course, which has given me the confidence to believe that I can successfully complete further courses on the way to a degree.

I enjoyed the Science 101 program so much that I raved about it all summer long to my friends, with the result that five of them signing up to take the course the following summer. I then had the pleasure of enjoying the program for a second time, as I listened to their rave reviews of the lectures and field-trips that they were attending.

JP, Student
"The lectures greatly improved my understanding of the world as well as the universe in a more detailed way. This introductory Science course enriched my views from the incredible small to the infinitely immense".

Class of 2009

Shahla, Student and Alumni Mentor
In summer of 2009 I was accepted into the Science 101 program having no idea how interesting the program would be. In the first two weeks I discovered an interest to eagerly attend all the classes and field trips - the most exciting part of the program. Science 101 gave me the opportunity to explore the world in a way that was very convenient for me.

After finishing the program I received a bursary from Science 101. The bursary allowed me to take a few courses at both UBC and Langara College. I pursued the Social Service Worker Coordinated program and with the diploma I received I was able to get a job at the Immigrant Services Society.

The world of knowledge is colorful and beautiful and everyone should be welcome, but there are always barriers like financial problems that keep individuals from entering this world. Science 101 is the precious ticket to step into that world of knowledge and experience. It welcomes those who are passionate to know, see and learn; those who have enough enthusiasm but not enough money to enjoy the beauty of knowledge.