Science 101: Final Project Information

The Science 101 final project is a program requirement. The purpose of the project is to give students the opportunity to further explore a scientific topic of their choice and to share with others what they have learnt. The topic can be something learnt about in class or something that was only touched upon. The only requirements are that the topic be a scientific one and relevant to the course.

Once students have chosen the topic they would like to explore, they must complete preliminary research on the topic. The Science 101 library page (at provides information on how to search for books and articles. After selecting a topic and completing preliminary research, students must submit a final project proposal for approval. The purpose of the proposal is to ensure the topic selected is indeed a scientific one and that the sources consulted are reliable.

Once the final project proposal is approved, students must complete a final project outline. The purpose of the outline is to help students organize the information they have researched into a manageable form. Posters are an effective way of presenting information. Projects are displayed at the graduation ceremony. For further information on how to design a scientific poster go to the Science 101 library page. Volunteers are available throughout to help students with their final projects.

Final project proposal
Final project outline