Improving Our World Through Science

Message from the Dean

On behalf of the Faculty of Science, I am excited to present our new five-year strategic plan: Improving our World Through Science. Developing this plan gave members of UBC Science and our stakeholders the opportunity to assess the state of the Faculty and to explore our shared aspirations.

Improving our world through science


Working together to advance scientific knowledge through research, education, and engagement

UBC Science Social Contract

The concept of a pact emerged naturally through the planning dialogue, reflecting our collective sense of responsibility and optimism. These principles capture long-standing priorities to all of us in the Faculty, many of which are especially relevant at this inflection point.

Core Areas and Objectives    OVERVIEW    STRATEGIES


We will work to further develop an inclusive and supportive community that embraces diversity, helping people build richer lives through meaningful connections within UBC Science and beyond.


We will promote and enable student success through leadership in pedagogy, inclusive education, and a holistic approach to student support.


We will expand research excellence and impact across disciplines in the service of both society and fundamental science.


We will strengthen the external orientation and bilateral connections of UBC Science to enhance our public contributions and enrich the learning of our scholars and students.

Accountability and Implementation    OUR INDICITIVE STRATEGIC MEASURES

  • Year 1 Roadmap: April
  • Year 2 Roadmap
  • Year 3 Roadmap
  • Year 4 Roadmap