Vision and Mission

We have renewed our vision and mission to reflect our aspirations, reinforcing the central importance of research and education and highlighting amplified attention to the UBC Science community, teamwork, and externalization.


Improving our world through science


Working together to advance scientific knowledge through research, education, and engagement

We also affirmed our foundational connections with the university’s strategic plan through the values and themes that underpin Shaping UBC’s Next Century. The UBC values of excellence, integrity, respect, academic freedom, and accountability were strongly endorsed through input and dialogue. These tenets underpin our new social contract, and we will work to ensure that they guide our decision-making and action, and characterize all our interactions, both internal and external.

The institution-wide themes of inclusion, collaboration and innovation were in no way imposed on the process. Instead, they emerged independently as critical success factors for UBC Science. We are united in our commitment to inclusion. While our plan highlights the importance of external engagement, we also aspire to collaborate more closely within the Faculty and across the university. Furthermore, innovation, both in what we do and how we do it, is a foundational component of UBC Science. These three themes are represented through most elements of our plan.