UBC Science Social Contract

The concept of a pact emerged naturally through the planning dialogue, reflecting our collective sense of responsibility and optimism. These principles capture long-standing priorities to all of us in the Faculty, many of which are especially relevant at this inflection point.

They contextualize the UBC values of excellence, integrity, respect, academic freedom, and accountability, as well as the university’s commitment to building an engaged and inclusive community. They complement and reinforce the agency that is so vital to each of us in our service to science, and as citizens. They represent our responsibility to each other as members of UBC Science. They embody our responsibility to society, consistent with UBC’s mandate as a public university. They signal what we believe matters for the future of our world.

We have common aims and interests

  1. Advancing scientific knowledge and its open and transparent dissemination
  2. Working for the benefit of society
  3. Teaching and mentoring the next generations of scientific leaders and informed citizens
  4. Participating in public debate, decision-making and policy, and education on critical scientific issues
  5. Being a community inclusive and respectful of all

We rely on each other

  1. The excellence and commitment of our people are foundational to what we achieve.
  2. We must succeed both as individuals and as a community. Through collaboration and innovation, we bring a wide range of ideas and perspectives to the execution of our professional work.
  3. We all share responsibility for the progression of our community and its aims. We recognize that we must each carry an equitable load, working to support our colleagues through our efforts, and expecting that they will, in turn, support us.
  4. We seek to build meaningful, reciprocal partnerships with Indigenous peoples, especially those on whose territories we study and work throughout British Columbia.
  5. We welcome and respect those who bring a breadth of approaches and contributions to the advancement of science and the wellbeing of our community.