Science Collaboratory

The Science Collaboratory aims to enhance collaboration and interdisciplinarity across UBC Science. The Collaboratory will provide a one course teaching release for members of teams of Science faculty to advance a common vision or challenge. 

Collaborations are expected to have the potential to significantly advance research and education in the Faculty of Science. The type of collaboration is undefined but could involve, tackling grand challenges in teaching and research, developing new pedagogical approaches, laying the ground work to apply for a major funding initiative, or any other project that will deepen research and teaching relationships across departments and faculties.

Overview: Activities, Procedures & Requirements

Any tenure-track Science research or educational leadership faculty member can propose a project on behalf of their team for Collaboratory support. Teams are expected to comprise three to five members, and applicants are encouraged to consider the diversity and complementarity of team composition. Interdisciplinary teams are preferred but not required. We anticipate that a total of approximately 20 course buy-outs will be available for academic year 2023-2024, and there is a limit of one course buy-out per person.  Each member of each team will be awarded a one course teaching buyout, and all members of the team must take the leave in the same academic term.

A team may comprise educational and research faculty. Each applicant must have approval from their Unit head(s) prior to proposal submission. Administrative or service burden on faculty members should not increase as a result of their participation in a Collaboratory project. Teams may include members from outside the Faculty of Science, but teaching release will only be covered for Science faculty members.

Overview: Science Hallway Collaboratory Proposal Process & Selection Criteria

One-Stage Submission Process

The proposal deadline for the academic year of 2023 is now closed. 

Guidelines for Applicants


Proposals should not exceed two pages, and should include the following. Please email your submission to Deborah Watt in the Science Dean’s Office.

Download Collaboratory Application Form

  1. Title of Collaboration 
  2. Team members and affiliation(s) 
  3. Signature of Unit Head(s) for each participating team applicant 
  4. Vision and/or challenge being addressed & projected outcomes, impact & timelines 
  5. A UBC CV for each team member (please append to email submission or UBC OneDrive)

Review Process & Criteria

A committee appointed by the Dean of Science based on the team’s vision and composition, the challenge being addressed, the timeliness of the activity, and the anticipated impact and outcome.

Program Contact

Deborah Watt
Project Manager
Faculty of Science, Dean's Office 

2023 Projects