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Events and Reunions


Make a science of networking. Reconnect and expand your horizons at UBC Science events and reunions.

UBC Science seeks to enhance the involvement of its alumni community through creative and thoughtful programming that will reinforce and champion alumni connections, advocacy and ambassadorship.


Upcoming Reunions
Interested in planning a reunion but don’t know quite where to start? Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way.


Upcoming Events

UBC Science hosts a variety of alumni programming. Find out about upcoming initiatives or suggest an alumni event by e-mailing alumni@science.ubc.ca.


UBC Alumni & Friends Appreciation Reception At RoundUp 2015

Attending RoundUp 2015? Join us for a drink and some appetizers prior to your evening engagements.Reconnect, mingle and meet with fellow delegates from the Earth Sciences Program at UBC.

Tuesday, January 27th 2015, 5:30pm – 7:30pm Mahony & Sons Pub #36-1055 Canada Place (Vancouver Convention Centre) Vancouver, BC

RSVP: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/round-up-2015-ubc-alumni-friends-appreciation-reception-registration-13184803101


Past Reunions & Events


EOAS/GEOENG classes of 2003/2004/2005 celebrated their 10 year (+/- 1) reunion on Friday, April 4th 2014. Department Head, Greg Dipple escorted the group on an informative tour of the brand new Earth Sciences Building as well as the renovated undergraduate spaces in EOS Main, the Pacific Museum of the Earth and its brand new OmniBlobe. Alumni had plenty of opportunity to mingle, reminisce, and maybe even wince a little over a historical photo presentation and their original class composites; a reception was followed with dinner at Mahoney & Sons. A great time was had by all and plans are already in the works to hold another reunion in 5 years' time. We encourage everyone to keep in touch with their alma mater by updating their contact details. Special thanks to Melissa Zack and Diane Hanano for being the reunion organizing champions!



Thursday, November 7th, 2013, 5:30pm to 7:30 pm

Joey Restaurant, 1424 West Broadway (between Granville and Hemlock) RSVP: https://www.cs.ubc.ca/event/2013/11/ubc-cs-alumni-pub-night Please join us and meet some old friends & make a few new ones. Dr. Anne Condon, Department Head for Computer Science will be there and she looks forward to meeting you. *Appetizers will be provided.



Thursday, November 21st 2013

Introduction to Analytics and Big Data - Hadoop Speaker: Geoff Fawkes, Director of Engineering, Teradata


Life on Mars: Seeking Answers with the Mars Curiosity Rover

October 24, 2013

Featuring Dr. Laurie Leshin Mars holds a special place in the human imagination. Our fascination with the red planet centres on the possibility of finding evidence of life beyond Earth, and scientists have been searching for decades using a series of increasingly sophisticated Mars Rover robots. In August 2012 the latest model – the Curiosity Rover – captured the attention of the world when it survived "7 minutes of terror" and landed at the foot of a Martian mountain, thankfully intact. Since then, Curiosity has made amazing discoveries about Mars' habitable past, its current climate, and potential areas of exploration for future astronauts. Join Mars Curiosity Rover Team member Dr. Laurie Leshin as she provides an inside look at the mission and the science that fuels it.


Chemistry Open House-Beyond the Magic

Saturday, Oct 19, 2013 12noon-5pm

Seeing is believing! Come join us to kick off National Chemistry Week as we show you that there is chemistry magic all around us, everywhere and every day. Expect to be wowed by colourful flames and exploding balloons while learning the tricks up every chemist’s sleeve! While you are here, discover what it's like to be a chemist too! Experience the wonders of chemistry with our entertaining hands-on activities: a chemistry-themed photo booth, balloons, a full CSI lab and our delicious liquid nitrogen ice cream! Make slime, lava lamps and marshmallow molecules. This day of family fun is not to be missed! Event page: www.chem.ubc.ca/events


UBC Alumni Weekend RECAP

Department of Computer Science

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

The Department of Computer Science toasted its 45th anniversary during Alumni Weekend 2013. Over 200 alumni, staff, faculty, friends and students attended a variety of events in order to share memories, network both personally and professionally and listen to an impressive line-up of featured presentations. Our Department Head, Anne Condon welcomed guests at the departmental reception followed with an invitation to visit the Demco Learning Centre where demos of the department's latest research endeavors were on display. Maria Klawe, former UBC CS Department Head and UBC Dean of Science described how efforts to recruit more female students improve CS education for everyone. Maria was joined by panelists Gregor Kiczales (UBC CS), Mike Castor (Facebook) and Mary-Lynn Young (UBC School of Journalism) who debated the role of online technologies in education. Thank you to all who participated, keep in touch and we’ll see you back on campus very soon!


UBC Alumni Weekend RECAP

Beaty Museum & Botanical Gardens

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

The UBC Botanical Garden was buzzing with activity during the Alumni weekend. Over 350 alumni visited the main garden during the weekend and all guided tours were full. Nitobe garden received over 600 visitors and guided tours were a bit hit! Many alumni enjoyed discovering these gardens and are planning on coming back. If you are thinking about your next visit, make sure to take advantage of our drop-in tours offered daily at 1 pm in the main garden during the summer. For more information check out our website: http://www.botanicalgarden.ubc.ca/groups-and-tours

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum would like to thank you for your support over Alumni Weekend! We had over 2000 alumni through our doors, enjoying tours, puppet shows, and extreme adaptation activities throughout the day. Missed out or wanting more? Your A-Card gets you 2 for 1 admission at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum every day. On Sunday, July 7, we feature a family friendly talk with post-doctoral researcher Dylan Burge about plants that gobble up and store heavy metals, stop by and learn more about these amazing these metal munching plants. Our newest exhibit, [a]drift, highlights the amazing microscopic diversity in the ocean. For more information on our current programs, check out our website: http://www.beatymuseum.ubc.ca/events. We hope to see you at the museum soon!"


UBC Alumni Weekend RECAP


Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Hundreds of visitors of all ages enjoyed the new OmniGlobe in the UBC Pacific Museum of the Earth (PME) during the Alumni Weekend in late May 2013. Controlled by a touch-screen kiosk, OmniGlobe visitors selected from about a hundred animated displays such as of continental drift, ocean currents, weather patterns, tsunami spread, global warming, solar activity and the planets. These displays are projected onto the inside of a 1.2 m diameter translucent sphere, so that people on the outside see changing geophysical features on the globe.

The Earth, Ocean & Atmospheric Sciences Dept. recently expanded the museum to include a PME-Gallery in the new Earth Sciences Building (2207 Main Mall). They also renovated the PME-Main Exhibit Room in the adjacent Earth & Ocean Sciences Bldg (6339 Stores Rd.). A new Treasure Room off of this Main Exhibit room houses the OmniGlobe as well as displays of precious gems, gold and silver. Now that building renovations are finished, the museum staff are busy re-assembling the displays of fossils, meteorites, minerals, and other exhibits, and are re-stocking the PME Gift Shop.

The official opening the remodeled/expanded museum will be in the fall of 2013. Once re-opened, the normal museum hours will be 9 am to 5 pm for all exhibit areas including the OmniGlobe. General admission for individuals and families is free, and voluntary donations are encouraged. There is a small charge for group tours and for facilitated programs for primary and secondary school students. Details are at http://www.eos.ubc.ca/resources/museum/. Even before the grand opening, visitors and tours are welcome to visit this summer 2013, although the OmniGlobe is closed most days this summer. To arrange group tours or programs, and for summer access to the OmniGlobe, please contact the PME curator, Dr. Kirsten Hodge, via pme (at) eos.ubc.ca , or Prof. Roland Stull via rstull (at) eos.ubc.ca .


UBC Alumni Weekend RECAP

Department of Physics and Astronomy Open House

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

The Department of Physics & Astronomy Open House had over 500 people attending the 5 public lectures we offered, with topics ranging from sustainability, cancer detection, Higgs Boson, the Hubble Telescope, to exoplanets. More than 300 people participated in the lab tours. Unfortunately the solar observation activity was cancelled due to the weather, but we hope to include the activity in future public outreach events. We would like to thank all the speakers as well as researchers who opened their laboratories to the public during the alumni weekend. We hope that all the alumni who came back to visit had a good time - it was a rewarding experience for us to chat with some of them who graduated from Physics & Astronomy years ago! We also heard from the alumni a few things they would like to see in the future - including a place to drop in and chat with physicists and astronomers, hands-on activities for children, and better signage and arrangement to sign up for lab tours.

We will be celebrating our 100th year anniversary and hope that our alumni will stay in touch - there will be more to come!

Past reunions

Sci Team and SPAC Annual Reunion

Saturday, May 25th, 2013 (Alumni Weekend at UBC)

Come on down! Mingle and meet with alumna of the Sci Team and SPAC programs in the Faculty of Science and introduce yourselves to this year’s incoming Sci team!

A great chance for past participants to provide mentorship and guidance to our new members.

Light sandwiches, snacks and drinks will be provided.

RSVP: Coming Soon!

Science Undergraduate Society 2nd Annual Alumni Reunion

Thank you for attending the 2nd SUS Alumni Reunion on Monday, January 21st 2013!

It was a pleasure having you join us to honor and celebrate the rich history of the Science Undergraduate Society. We hope that you enjoyed the nostalgia and fun behind the evening’s program and we look forward to future opportunities where we may gather and engage with one another.

The current executive and student representatives who participated at this event were buzzing about all the amazing stories that were shared. It was very exciting for us to hear of your experiences and we hope that you will continue to participate with initiatives hosted by the Undergraduate Society and UBC Science. We’ve created a Facebook page that is unique to SUS Alumni -become a fan and keep appraised of events and reunions take place back on campus.

Many thanks to Mark Hoenig for sharing his photos of the event, they can be viewed on the UBC Science Facebook page.

We look forward to seeing many of you back on campus during the UBC Alumni Weekend on Saturday, May 25th 2013 when UBC Science will be hosting a number of exciting events that showcase its 50th Anniversary.


Mona Maleki, President of Science Undergraduate Society

Justin Fernandez, Vice-President External of Science Undergraduate Society

Kim Duffell, Alumni Relations Manager, Faculty of Science


UBC Chemistry Alumni Reunion

May 12, 2012

Thank you for attending the inaugural UBC Chemistry Alumni Reunion on Saturday, May 12th 2012. We hope that you had as much fun at the event as we did. Based on the success of this first-time event, we can look forward to many more alumni reunions in the future! Feel free to visit our Flickr site where we’ve posted a few of the event photos here.

We run a number of events throughout the year - including a kid-friendly Department Open House in October - and we would love to see you there!
If you would like to volunteer at any of our events please email OutreachTA@chem.ubc.ca with your details and the subject line “Alumni Volunteer”.

CONNECT WITH US: We are now working on a Chemistry e-Newsletter! With our first edition launching this summer, we anticipate this being distributed to you on a quarterly basis. Please email media@chem.ubc.ca to subscribe to our mailing list.

There are many additional ways for you to remain engaged with the UBC Science Community. You can submit an update on what you’ve been up to so that we may include your story in one of our alumni distributions; you can opt in to receive news and departmental updates; or you can inform us if you relocate or receive a promotion. We are proud of our alumni and want to hear from you and of your accomplishments! Once again, thank you for attending the 2012 Chemistry Reunion!


Your Chemistry Alumni Reunion Organizing Committee

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