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UBC Science Connect


UBC Science Connect

UBC Science Connect—sent out five times a year—features news, kudos, upcoming events, alumni stories and more. It's a quick and fun way to keep in touch with the Faculty.

Current Issue

05 | 2014 : November
Canada's MOST telescope not ready for retirement yet; Gift from Google founding investor to launch UBC course in computational thinking; events, kudos and more.

05 | 2014 : November, EOAS edition
Special edition of Connect containing events and stories of interest to EOAS alumni.

Past Issues

04 | 2014 : September
Parenting makes your brain bigger, if you’re a fish; Milky Way lighter than thought; algorithm turns sketches into 3D; events, kudos and more.

03 | 2014 : July
When art and science meet; microbes get no love in genomics world; mastering calculus; events, kudos and more.

02 | 2014 : April
Inspiring girls’ love for tech; lizards in a warming world; beware real-world Hunger Games; events, kudos and more.

01 | 2014 : February
Scientific data quickly lost; insects and climate change; alum explores frozen (but warming) landscapes; events, kudos and more.

05 | 2013 : November
The private lives of mushrooms; plants, bugs and people feeling the heat, and more.

04 | 2013 : September
Marine species migrating north at startling speeds, Chemistry rural outreach, events, and more.

03 | 2013 : May
UBC Alumni Weekend events, pine beetle DNA analysis, meet the infamous Cthulhu, alumni news, and more.

02 | 2013 : March
Drug-resistant flu meets its match, blood vessel drug might be Alzheimer’s treatment, photo gallery, events, and more.

01 | 2013 : January
Repurposed drug could cure TB, largest Canadian radio telescope begins construction, 50 years of UBC, and more.

04 | 2012 : October
Wireless charging of electric cars, rare seahorse caught on camera, UBC to offer free science courses online, and more.

03 | 2012 : September
New ESB building, seabirds in peril, sneaky parasites that steal genes from host, and alumni news.

02 | 2012 : May
Picky females are good for biodiversity, jellyfish rising, awards galore, and faculty weekend.

01 | 2012 : February
Monitoring Fisheries with Google Earth, Family Science Days, UBC Alumnus Earns Order of Canada.

06 | 2011 : December
Lava Fingerprints Reveal Differences Between Hawaii's Twin Peaks, UBC Faraday Family Science Show, UBC Science Alumnus Named Canadian Innovator of the Year, and more.

05 | 2011 : October
Global Warming Will Reduce Populations of Plant-Eaters, MESSENGER Data Paints New Picture of Mercury's Magnetic Field, What’s so unique about the tropics? Less than we thought, UBC Researchers Find New Culprit in Alzheimer’s Disease: Too Many Blood Vessels, UBC Alumna Sabine Lague, and more.
04 | 2011 : August
Mangrove Fish Uses ‘Bifocal’ Eyes To See Above and Below Water at the Same Time, UBC Researcher Discovers Key Mechanism to Regulate Plant Growth, UBC Researchers Develop "Lab-on-a-Chip", Extinctions at the Top of the Food Chain Have Surprising Cascade Impacts on Ecosystems, UBC Alumna Alia Dharamsi, and more.
03 | 2011 : May
UBC Astronomers Help Unveil Galaxy's Densest Planet, Interactive Teaching Methods Double Undergraduate Learning, Name that Spider Contest, UBC Alumnus Tom Balabanov, and more.
02 | 2011 : April
'Superfish' Sockeye Salmon More Likely to Survive Climate Change, UBC Geophysicist Part of NASA MESSENGER Mission, Physicists Strike Gold in Mineral Deposit Technology, UBC Alumnus Jamie Reimer, and more.
01 | 2011 : February
UBC Graduate Students Put a Criminal Spin on Life Sciences, First-Ever Map of Surface Permeability, Wave-Generated 'White Hole,' Genes Contribute to Sockeye Mortality, UBC Science Alumna Nadya Ogloff, and more.
06 | 2010 : December
Bold Vision in Biodiversity Research, Fresh Look at Greenland's Ice Sheet, Marine Virus Major Player in Ocean Health, Superconductors' 'Excited' Behaviour, UBC Physicists Trap Antimatter, and UBC Science Alumnus Guy Dean.
05 | 2010 : October
Always Room for Jello in Science Education, Detailed Family Tree for Blood Cells, Genomic 'Haircut' Makes World's Tiniest Genome Even Smaller, and UBC Science Alumnus Chris Wagner.
04 | 2010 : August
A 'Big Chill' in Tiny Fish, New 'Fix' for Cosmic Clocks, 'Little Brown Balls' Help UBC Botanists Tie Malaria and Algae to Common Ancestor, Decoding Rembrandt’s Magic, and UBC Science Alumnus Hyman Mitchner.
03 | 2010 : May
UBC Researchers Design New Biomaterial that Mimics Muscle Elasticity, UBC Sets Sights on Visual Analytics Institute, UBC Zoologist Dies Shy of Centenary Birthday, UBC Mathematicians Add Up Evolution, UBC Science Alumna Jessica Dhillon.

02 | 2010 : April
Arrival of the Titan: Blue Whale Skeleton Arrives at UBC, UBC Astronomer Helps Prove Einstein Right (Again), UBC Zoologist Calls for Boost in Ivory Trade Monitoring, UBC Science Gains Research Muscle, UBC Science Alumnus Tobin Tanaka.

01 | 2010 : February
Rhodes to Success, Testing Positive: Zebrafish Behaviour Screens, EOS Professor 'Metals' in Mineralogy, UBC Astronomers Unveil Detailed Views of New Galaxies, UBC Science Alumnus Thomas McLaughlin.

05 | 2009 : December
A Little Something Under the Tree for UBC Statisticians, Couple's Legacy Takes Flight, Bacteria Vs. Bombs, Microbiologists Map Genome of Key Indicator of Ocean Health, UBC Science Alumnus Dana Hosseini.

04 | 2009 : September
CLASS Act Returns to Campus, Andromeda Gobbles Up Galaxies, Intro CS Gets a Back to School Makeover, Fishy Travel Habits of Sticklebacks, UBC Science Alumna Ashley Good.

03 | 2009 : July
Blue Whale Workshops, Adapting OS Software to Crunch Planck Data, CS Student Wins Microsoft Competition, Should We Move Species to Save Them From Climate Change, UBC Science Alumni Barry James Price.

02 | 2009 : April
Toward a New Home for EOS at UBC, Jumping Spiders from Papua New Guinea, Putting a New Spin on Electrons, Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Director Brad Anholt, and a look at the Battle Between Nature's Helpers and Cheaters.

01 | 2009 : February
Building Sustainability by the Numbers, A New Take on Lignin, A Microfluidic Platform for Quicker, Cheaper, More Precise Cell Research, The Human Orrey Project, EOS Students at Roundup, Jennifer Gardy from CBC's Project X.

05 | 2008 : December
The Holiday Eating Habits of Humpbacks, Outreach at MSL, Making Science and Health
a Global Passion, Making Molecular Plasma Cooler Than You Think.

04 | 2008 : September
UBC's Dot.Ca Godfather, Ramping Up Undergrad Research, Growing Science Teachers, A Backward Comet, New Director at MDRU, Singapore Co-op.

03 | 2008 : July
Summer with Science in Mind, Beluga Baby Babble, Gem of Alumni Weekend, Canada's 'Humble' Telescope, 'Chameleon' Nanomaterial, Stirring Up a Supervolcano.

02 | 2008 : May
Fine-Tuning the Chemistry of Solar Cells, Green Makeover for UBC's Historic Chemistry Building, Improve Salmonella Vaccines, Young Crop of Scientists Descends on UBC Campus for Fairs and Challenges.

01 | 2008 : March
A Blue Whale's Cross-Country Journey to Vancouver, The Largest Dark Matter Structures Ever Recorded, David Suzuki at UBC Science Week, Tree Genetics, Global TV's Mark Madryga, and more.

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