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Academic Honesty and Freedom


Welcome to UBC Science. As a community of learners, we place a high value on ethical standards and civil behaviour.

Academic Honesty and Standards

All members of the UBC community are expected to be honest in all activities, both in and out of class. That includes only taking credit for work you do, not for someone else's efforts. At the university level this kind of honesty is called 'academic integrity' and it's fundamental to the way a university operates.

By showing respect for other learners—those at UBC, those studying elsewhere, and researchers who have conducted work before us—each of us earns a place in the university community. Academic integrity is so vital to a university that violations are dealt with as serious offences, and can result in stiff penalties.

Operating in this way isn't just the right thing to do, it also perpetuates an environment that in turn protects your own ideas and freedoms.

Academic Freedom and Freedom from Harassment and Discrimination

You may encounter ideas at UBC that make you uncomfortable or challenge your beliefs. You have a right to question new ideas, but only in a mutually respectful way. Violations of expected behaviour inside or outside of the classroom may lead to charges of non-academic misconduct or of discrimination, which can result in disciplinary action.


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