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Synergy: The Journal of UBC Science


Current Issue

Canada's Road to Species Conservation

Challenges and opportunities have emerged since first enacting our now decade-old Species at Risk legislation.

Also in this Issue: Finding a cure for TB with old drugs. Nanoengineering a better heat trap. Using common cell phones to build a radio telescope. Empowering undergraduate students through research.

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Previous Issues

Synergy 2 | 2012

Focus: Under the Crust of Mars. Also: Hunting for spiders in Borneo. New, more efficient car charging technology invented at UBC. In the land of ice and fire. Empowering Aboriginal youth with math. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2012

Focus: The Undiscovered and Vanishing Country of Microbes. Also: Regenerative Sustainability. Remembering a Chemist Iconoclast. Teachable Moments. Math Building Bridges to Africa. And more.

Synergy 2 | 2011

Focus: Targeting Tuberculosis. Also: Renewed biological Sciences Wings offer a New Window on Sustainability. Corrective Actions in Fisheries Policy. Bumping the Life Sciences Up a Notch. David Suzuki Receives UBC Honorary Degree. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2011

Focus: Quantum Leaps from Combustion. Also: The Graphene Road to a Nobel Prize. What if Machines Could Learn. Adding a Criminal Element to Science Outreach. And more.

Synergy 2 | 2010

Focus: Creating Knowledge Out of Data. Collision Quest at Cern. Canada's Census and Bad Science. Cross Border Science in Columbia. Reunion Mines Rich Vein of Memories. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2010

Focus: Global Climate Change: Dynamics and Consequences. Manipulating Metabolism to Survive in Harsh Environments. Degrees of Uncertainty: Analyzing Climate Change Models. Designing Green Plastics: Molecule by Molecule. Food for Thought: Student Links Nutrition to Health and Learning in a Connected World. A Lab Crawl, a Green Walk: Young Minds Explore Science and UBC, and more.

Synergy 2 | 2009

Focus: Darwin’s Tree Branches Out – Variation, Heredity and the Enigma of Sex. Game Theory: Modelling the Emergence of Co-operation. Revealing the Missing Link in Chemical Reactivity. Monster Algorithms Solve Intractable Problems. Of Wings, Tails and Claws, and Other Stories: Biodiversity Museum Creates Excitment Around Ecology and Evolution, and more.

Synergy 1 | 2009 (800 kb)

Viral Attack Strategies: Multiple Pathways to Pandemic Preparedness. Molecular Mechanics: Fine Tuning Proteins for Optimal Performance. Multi-Institution Courses Increase Options for Students. Earth and Ocean Sciences Clicks in the Classroom. Bright Young Minds: 'Rock' Star Janina Micko.

Synergy 2 | 2008 (780 kb)

Wondrous Whelks: The Self-Healing Biomaterial of Sea Snails. Shape Shifting: Geometric Tools for Computer Modelling. Mastering Microfluidics: Small, Powerful, Precise Tools for Biomedical Research. Bruce Dunham Improves the Probability of Learning Stats. Kudos and Bright Young Minds: Mirela Andronescu.

Synergy 1 | 2008 (770 kb)

Imaging Neuronal Degeneration: PET Studies in Parkinson’s Disease. Solid as a rock? Predicting geological catastrophes. Chemistry at the Surface: Manipulating Molecules with Electric Fields. Using Statistics to Enhance Medical Analysis. A Blue Whale’s Journey Across Canada. People at UBC Science: Paul Carter, Sally Otto, Julia Levy. And more.

Synergy 2 | 2007 (770 kb)

Quelling Evolutionary Controversy: Sunflowers Shed Light on Origins of Species. Simulating Shadows and Light: High Contrast Digital Displays. Pictorial Clues Help Prove Mathematical Theorems. Biodiversity and Ecosystem Function. The Jade Project. People at UBC Science: In Memory of Grant Ingram. Biodiversity Centre and Museum. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2007 (900 kb)

Using Mine Tailings to Sequester CO2. Using Graphs to Reveal Mathematical Relationships. Nematode Knockout: Mapping the Genetics of 'Elegant Worms'. Testing Relativity: Rare Binary Pulsars Show Einstein Right. CWSEI: Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative. Department Portrait: Chemistry. Shona Ellis: Walk on the Green Side. And more.

Synergy 2 | 2006 (1480 kb)

Decoding a Genomic Wilderness: Community Metabolism of Uncultivated Microbes. Molecular Manipulation: Constructing Compounds to Combat Disease. The Mysteries of Morphogenesis: Deciphering the Genetics of Form and Function. Enhancing Haptics: Tactile Wizardry Advances Technology. Department Portrait: Statistics. Advancing Mineral Research and Exploration. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2006 (1320 kb)

Modelling Flux and Flow: Mathematical Analysis of Physical Processes. Hunting for Canada’s 'Hidden' Gems. Navigating a Sea Change in Statistics. Molecular Segregation: Using Electrical Fields to Isolate and Trap DNA. Department Portrait: Physics and Astronomy. Skylight on Science Education. And more.

Synergy 2 | 2005 (900 kb)

Climate Change and Atmospheric Aerosols. Puzzle of Probability. Engineering Enzymes. Enhancing Learning Environments That Prompt and Praise. Department Portrait: Computer Science. Aboriginal Science. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2005 (1100 kb)

Mathematical Biology: Unravelling the Mystery of Diversity. Waxing Eloquent: Revealing the Intriguing Nature of Cuticular Waxes. Spearheading Health Informatics: Data Mining Innovations Facilitate Discovery. Earthquake Diagnostics: Modelling Subduction Zone Dynamics. Department Portrait: Botany. And more.

Synergy 2 | 2004 (1150 kb)

Innovations in Mass Spectrometry: From Atoms to Proteins. Modelling Fluid Dynamics: Weather, Fire and Other Disasters. Beating the Odds: Statistical Models Aid Drug Discovery. Physiology Under Pressure: UBC Zoologist Walks on the Wild Side. Department Portrait: Mathematics. And more.

Synergy 1 | 2004 (600 kb)

Computer Science meets Psychology: Seeing is Not Always Perceiving. Liquid Mirror Telescopes: Windows to the Cosmos. Cationic Peptides: Nature’s Dynamic Defence System. Understanding Ecological Interdependence. Department Portrait: Earth and Ocean Sciences. The Science Student Centre. And more.

Synergy 8.1 | 2003 (640 kb)

MOST, Canada's first space orbiting space telescope. Research for Canadian Forests. Computers Learning from Nature. And more.

Synergy 7.2 | 2002 (720 kb)

Progress in Superconductors Research. Protozoa, Nature's Gamblers, Pirates and Parasites. Geochemistry Helps Unravel the History of Global Change. Number Theory Behind Algebra and Calculus. And more.

Synergy 7.1 | 2001 (870 kb)

Virtual Environments. Adaptive Evolution by Gene Regulation. Understanding the Properties of Solids and Liquids. Modelling Practical Answers to Physical Problems. And more.

Synergy 6.2 | 2001 (380 kb)

Plant Waxes and Oils. Population Dynamics in Our Environment. Natural Materials as Model for Synthetics. Exploring Molecules by Laser Chemistry. And more.

Synergy 6.1 | 2000 (440 kb)

ICICS, Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems. Discovering and Harnessing Microbial Activity. Studying the Age of Rocks and Minerals. Advanced Material and Microstructures Research. And more.

Synergy 5.2 | 2000 (770 kb)

Evolution of Ecological Differences. Bump Hunting and Data Smoothing. Fighting Diseases by Manipulated Enzymes. And more.

Synergy 5.1 | 1999 (520 kb)

Theoretical Physics and the Universe. Biological Tools to Attack Diseases. Mathematical Modelling into Complex Biological Systems. And more.

Synergy 4.2 | 1999 (440 kb)

Photodynamic Treatments. The Mystery of Anti-matter. Effects of Marine Viruses on Organisms and Ecosystems. Computer Theory and Practical Solutions. And more.

Synergy 4.1 | 1998 (430 kb)

Best Isotope Separator and Accelerator. Molecular Electronics for the Silicon Microchip. Calcium Channels in the Human Brain. And more.

Synergy 3.2 | 1998 (430 kb)

Rehabilitation Strategies for Spinal Cord Injuries. The Role of Metals in the Cause, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Diseases. Elastic Properties in Animal-made Products. And more.

Synergy 3.1 | 1997 (400 kb)

Improving the Analytical Tool of Atomic Spectroscopy. Sustaining Biodiversity by Managing Change. Using Mathematics to Solve Industry's Problems. And more.

Synergy 2.2 | 1997 (460 kb)

Understanding the Effects of Low Oxygen. Transfer of University Research to Industry: Light Guide Illumination. Peripheral Nervous System in Humans. And more.

Synergy 2.1 | 1996 (520 kb)

Condensed Matter Theory and Potential Applications. Manipulating Molecules in Organic Chemistry. Research into Bacterial Diseases. And more.

Synergy 1.2 | 1996 (500 kb)

Chemical Tools for Fighting Cancer. Evolution of Recombination, Life Cycles and Mating Systems. Applied Math for Investigating Neurons and Beta Cells. And more.

Synergy 1.1 | 1995 (450 kb)

How to Find Essential Microbes in the Dirt. Advanced Materials and Process Engineering. The Healing Power of Plants. And more.

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