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Awards and Accolades


UBC Science faculty have won numerous esteemed awards, identifying our researchers among the best in the country and worldwide.

Nobel Laureate

  • Carl Wieman, Director, Science Education Initiative
  • Michael Smith, Biochemistry

Royal Society of London, Fellows

  • Stephen Withers, Department of Chemistry
  • Ian Affleck, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Martin Barlow, Department of Mathematics
  • Julian Davies, Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • David Dolphin, Department of Chemistry
  • Edwin Perkins, Department of Mathematics
  • Loren Rieseberg, Department of Botany
  • George Albert Sawatzky, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Department of Chemistry
  • Dolph Schluter, Department of Zoology
  • Anthony Sinclair, Department of Zoology
  • William Unruh, Department of Physics and Astronomy

National Academy of Sciences

Established by an Act of Congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the NAS is charged with providing independent, objective advice to the nation on matters related to science and technology. Scientists are elected by their peers to membership in the NAS for outstanding contributions to research

  • Sarah P Otto, Zoology (2013)
  • Michael Smith, Biochemistry (1996)
  • Carl Wieman, Director, Science Education Initiative (1995)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

One of North America's most prestigious honorary societies, AAAS bestows membership on some of the world's most accomplished leaders from academia, business, public affairs, the humanities, and the arts.

  • Donald Ludwig, Mathematics
  • Loren Rieseberg, Botany
  • Michael Whitlock, Zoology
  • William Unruh, Physics
  • Dolph Schluter, Zoology
  • Carl Wieman, Physics, UBC Science Education Initiative

Royal Society of Canada, Fellows

The highest academic accolade in the sciences, humanities and arts bestowed in this country. More than 50 UBC Science faculty members have received this honour.

  • Mark MacLachlan, Chemistry (2014)
  • Harvey Richer, Physics and Astronomy (2014)
  • Doug Oldenburg, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (2013)
  • Anne Condon, Computer Science (2012)
  • Patrick Keeling, Botany (2011)
  • Wayne Maddison, Botany, Zoology (2011)
  • Chris Orvig, Chemistry (2010)
  • Loren Rieseberg, Botany (2010)
  • David Kirkpatrick, Computer Science (2009)
  • Alan Mackworth, Computer Science (2009)
  • Curtis Suttle, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (2008)
  • Ivar Ekeland, Mathematics (2008)
  • David Brydges, Mathematics (2007)
  • Donald Douglas, Chemistry (2007)
  • Sarah P Otto, Zoology (2006)
  • John Hepburn, Chemistry (2005)
  • Douglas Bonn, Physics and Astronomy (2005)
  • James Zidek, Statistics (2003)
  • Marc Bustin, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (2003)
  • John Schrader, Microbiology and Immunology (2003)
  • Steven Withers, Chemistry (2002)
  • John Scheffer, Chemistry (2002)
  • George Sawatzky, Physics and Astronomy (2002)
  • Brett Finlay, Microbiology and Immunology (2001)
  • J Thomas Tiedje, Physics and Astronomy (2001)
  • David Dolphin, Chemistry (2001)
  • Dolph Schluter, Zoology (2001)
  • Gordon Slade, Mathematics (2000)
  • Gordon Semenoff, Physics and Astronomy (2000)
  • Raymond J Andersen, Chemistry (2000)

Order of Canada, Members

The Governor General of Canada recognizes lifetime achievements, dedication to the community and service to the nation with membership in the Order of Canada. Ten senior faculty have been appointed, including:

  • David Dolphin, Department of Chemistry
  • Brett Finlay, Michael Smith Laboratories and Department of Microbiology and Immunology
  • Jaymie Matthews, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Gordon Semenoff, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Sloan Research Fellows

Identifies some of the most promising young faculty on the continent. Recent recipients include:

  • Mary O'Connor, Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences (2013)
  • Nicholas Harvey, Computer Science (2013)
  • Young-Heon Kim, Mathematics (2012)
  • Andrew Warfield, Computer Science (2012)
  • Omer Angel, Mathematics (2010)
  • Joshua Folk, Physics and Astronomy (2010)
  • Robert Raussendorf, Physics and Astronomy (2009)
  • Scott M Oser, Physics and Astronomy (2008)
  • Andrea Damascelli, Physics and Astronomy (2007)
  • Laurel Schafer, Chemistry (2007)
  • Ruth Signorell, Chemistry (2007)
  • Mona Berciu, Physics and Astronomy (2006)
  • Jozsef Solymosi, Mathematics (2006)
  • Vlada Limic, Mathematics (2005)
  • Steven S Plotkin, Physics and Astronomy (2005)
  • Mark Van Raamsdonk, Physics and Astronomy (2005)
  • Fei Zhou, Physics and Astronomy (2005)
  • Marcel Franz, Physics and Astronomy (2002)
  • Carl E Wieman, Physics (1984)

EWR Steacie Prize for Natural Sciences

Canada's top honor for young scientists and engineers in the natural sciences.

  • Sarah Otto, Zoology (2007)
  • NCJ Strynadka, Biochemistry (2002)
  • Brett Finlay, Michael Smith Laboratories (1998)
  • Ian Affleck, Physics and Astronomy (1988)
  • Bill Unruh, Physics and Astronomy (1983)
  • DW Boyd, Mathematics (1978)
  • Walter N Hardy, Physics and Astronomy (1978)
  • HJ Greenwood, Geology (1968)
  • Myer Bloom, Physics and Astronomy (1967)
  • Neil Bartlett, Chemistry (1965)

NSERC Steacie Fellows

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Steacie Fellowships honour young Canadian researchers.

  • Kevin Leyton-Brown, Computer Science (2014)
  • Mark MacLachlan, Chemistry (2012)
  • Andrea Damascelli, Physics and Astronomy (2011)
  • Ruth Signorell, Chemistry (2011)
  • Diane Srivastava, Zoology (2010)
  • Joerg Bohlmann, Michael Smith Laboratories, Botany (2006)
  • Gail Murphy, Computer Science (2006)
  • Michael Doebeli, Biology, Mathematics (2005)

Disciplinary Awards

UBC Science faculty have earned a wide range of prestigious awards in their specific disciplines.

  • Prix Galien, Robert Hancock (2012)
  • Gruber Cosmology Prize, Mark Halpern, Gary Hinshaw (2012)
  • Jeffery-Williams Prize, Martin Barlow (2008)
  • Krieger-Nelson Prize, Izabella Laba (2008)
  • Coxeter-James Prize, Vinayak Vastal (2007)
  • Fritz London Memorial Award, Walter N Hardy (2002)
  • Japan Prize, Timothy Parsons, Oceanography (2001)
  • International Cosmos Prize, Daniel Pauly, Fisheries Centre (2005)

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